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Born on August 23. What's my real zodiac sign? Virgo or Leo?

Asked by Tomas Lover | 1/22/2017 3:48:38 AM
I was born on August 23. Your site shows I'm a Virgo. But some other site says I belong to Leo. I'm confused. What my zodiac sign on earth?
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Answered by Administrator | 1/22/2017 4:39:02 AM
Hi Tomas,

They show different sign for you because you were born on the cusp of two Sun signs. I need to check your real sign based on your DOB and birth place. Please provide these two information to me.

Answered by Tomas Lover | 1/22/2017 4:49:25 AM
Thank you for your reply.

Born in Canberra at 22:50, August 23rd, 1984

Answered by Administrator | 1/23/2017 1:29:56 AM
Your zodiac sign is Virgo.

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