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Disagree with Leo's Portrayal!

Asked by ThePaganSun | 9/1/2018 4:58:36 AM

I really disagree with Leo's main traits and portrayal here! Leo is the mighty and fierce LION of the Zodiac, not some show kitty. Its main traits should be: powerful, fierce, aggressive, strong, temperamental, dominant, courageous, willful, energetic, and passionate.

It's ruled by the Sun which bestows strength, courage, willpower, dominance, conquest/victory, energy, vitality, and health, not just ego.

It also rules the Strength Tarot Card and the 5th House which includes sports and athletics too (not just children, the creative arts or romantic affairs). Plus, Leo was always said to be a "barren sign" so the whole child aspect is an exaggeration. Leo is also a physically active fire sign and a strong and determined fixed sign.

The whole "love" aspect for Leo is also a big exaggeration since Leo is ruled by the Sun, not Venus and again the 5th House includes many other aspects, not just love. And while Leo might rule the heart, it's more symbolic of strength and courage ("lion-hearted") than "love." After all, Aries rules the head and brain but modern astrologers don't call it the most logical or reasonable sign, right? Plus, Leo also rules the back (also symbolic of courage -"backbone") and in earlier times, the shoulders, sides, and forearms.

It's a bit annoying and frustrating when modern astrologers try to always exaggerate Leo's supposedly "fragile ego" and "vulnerable emotions" or "insecurities," yet they conveniently never mention or mock those insecurities in the OTHER signs, especially when some signs like Scorpio and Capricorn are inaccurately portrayed as the "toughest" or "emotionally strongest" signs when according to the astrological system itself, they are the emotionally weakest since they are the weakest placements for the Moon which rules emotions and the inner self. And Aquarius and Libra are the weakest placements for the Sun which governs willpower, confidence, vitality, and strength in general. So again...it seems incredibly biased and unfair when the rather moderate insecurities for Leo are grossly exaggerated but those of tge other signs (especially the ones most insecure) are barely mentiined and are even wrongly portrayed as emotionally tough.

And again...this mocking of Leo's feelings, especially the inaccurate implication that Leo's feelings can hurt, but can't then hurt others, needs to stop. Leo is the strong lion and like any lion, it WILL attack and probably maul any attacker foolish enough to taunt or provoke it. So while Leo's ego might be "vulnerable," its claws and teeth are not. And while we might be "easily hurt," it's equally easy for us to hurt others...and hurt them worse. And that's something modern astrologers had also better make clear.

Leo is symbolized by the near indestructible Nemean Lion who fought Hercules himself and even managed to bite off a finger, thus wounding Hercules! Something no other adversary was able to do!

In earlier astrology, Leo was also counted as one of the "strong signs" (give strong, athletic bodies if unafflicted), a "bestial sign" (prefers primal instincts over higher human reasoning), the only fully "feral sign" (capable of savage and destructive behavior when angered), and perhaps most forgotten, a "solitary sign" that rules over forests, caves, mountains, and deserts which means that Leos both love the outdoors and their alone time so they DON'T always need attention or luxury, unlike how most modern astrologers are trying to make it seem. In fact, Aries was the sign that was classified as the "luxurious sign" in earlier astrology, not Leo. This is something modern astrologers need to STOP exaggerating!

So with all these other traits and associations in mind, I just hope that Leo's bolder and stronger traits are better emphasized in the future. It's not just a "performer," but also a warrior-king, conqueror, hero, protector, hunter, gladiator, and the Zodiac's only apex predator. It's the mighty and fierce LION of the Zodiac for a reason. Not a cub. Not a domestic housecat. Not a peacock. A lion so it should be portrayed as such from now on.

So anyway, thanks so much for listening.
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