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Suddenly weird behaviour with cancer woman without any mistake

Asked by Chinnu | 3/25/2018 2:17:46 AM
I met a zodiac cancer woman in chat. After 1 month I told her iam in love with her (iam pisces, I'm easily to attach people). & iam really in love with her, really she is the one I'm loving and no one elise. Iam devoted to her really. She is busy naturally, we chat so much time atleast 2 hhrs daily or more than that. I think she likes me too. It's 2 months already we met she said some secrets about her and she said she trust me. One time she send a flowers bouquet and chocolates and her place in map too. we met in twitter so we have one common friend who we chat in time line in a funny way. My princess chat with her in a funny flirtatious way and I'm call that friend as a sister and really I feel she is my sis and she thinks me in a sibling way too. So we usually telling, I hate u (in a funny way, opposite ), we 3 chat. So one day I told my sis, I love u sis and she told me I love you too my bro, &I said again I love u 3,4,5. And my girl she at night she re-qoute my tweet and said she decided that no one told I love u at this night(I usually told I love u to her atleast 8 times daily or 10) I wrote in a funny way, is there anyone guys , sorry there is no one..I replied that. And she felt that very bad, she said in my dm she hurt so much ,I guess u both now happy. Like that. I got so tensed and worried I didn't mean to hurt her, so I said so many I love us and I apologised so much and I reassured her my princess she is my sister that's it..u r my only love and so many msgs, I didn't sleep that night. After that mng she apologised too and said I don't have that right to hurt and selfish right?. And again I apologised and reassured so much and I promise her I don't say I love you to again to anyone except you. After that she chatted that day and after that day and said she is busy couple of weeks and warned me (I love that warning ) don't change, and behave. Like that. After that she came after a day and just send me her pics and said I miss you and she hugged some teddy bear and said that she hugged me. This is the 1st time she said in that way (I think she likes me too for so much time). And that evening she chatted with my sister but not with me , when she knew I came online she gone.I'm so sad more than sad. And I don't like she didn't chat with me but chatted with another person maybe I felt jelous too. I'm so so bad and water in my eyes. So I said all of my feelings to her and I asked are u in love with anyone or crush? So I don't bother u just tell me the truth. she said only 3 lines, no problem , just busy, I apologise and send a pic again. I'm confused plz someone help me, I really love her and only her..plz someone
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